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ZTM Won The Honorary Title Of AAA Grade Credit Enterprise

July 21, 2022

Recently, ZTM won the highest rating of "Enterprise Credit Rating AAA" issued by the Construction Safety and Machinery Branch of the China Construction Industry Association! This honor is of great significance, marking the steady improvement of ZTM's corporate strength and credibility, and the continuous strengthening of industry influence and credibility!

"AAA" is the highest level of enterprise credit rating evaluation. It is the construction safety and machinery branch of the China Construction Industry Association to further enhance the credit awareness and self-discipline behavior of construction machinery and equipment enterprises, adhering to the principle of objective, fair and impartial evaluation, using scientific The highest credit rating is given by the authoritative expert review group to conduct a comprehensive scientific evaluation of the enterprise.

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Founded in 2003, ZTM specializes in the product development, production and sales of tower cranes and construction hoists. It has developed ingeniously for nearly 20 years. It has always adhered to legal and compliant operations, attached importance to the construction of an integrity system, conscientiously fulfilled its social responsibilities and effectively improved Product quality and management level.


The AAA enterprise credit certification is a comprehensive evaluation of the company's credit record, management and operation, social image, financial status, risk prevention, development prospects and other aspects. It is also a high recognition and encouragement for the core competitiveness of Zhongtian Zhizhuang. The company will give full play to the typical demonstration role of integrity, further standardize market behavior, and, as always, establish a sense of credit in doing business with integrity and fulfilling promises, and become the most reliable business partner of our customers.