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ZTT1360-65Ton Large Flattop Tower Crane

July 29, 2022

ZTT1360-65 is a large-tonnage flat-top tower crane newly developed by ZTM. The maximum lifting capacity of this tower crane is 65 tons, Tip load is 15.65 tons, Jib load is 80 meters, and the independent height is 77.4 meters, using ZL42 or ZL35 mast sections

ZTT1360-65ton is a super-large flat-top tower crane jointly developed by Zhongtian Zhizhuang, Harbin Institute of Technology, and Shenyang Jianzhu University according to hoisting requirements of large-scale infrastructure, nuclear power, thermal power and other projects. This model starts from the directions of safety, maneuverability, and advancement. It integrates a number of active safety protection patented technologies such as anti-sway, anti-hanging, and anti-topping and advanced intelligent control systems. It is a hoisting weapon for large-scale project construction.