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Germany Bauma 2022, ZTM Is Coming

October 26, 2022

Starting Monday, Munich, Germany hosts the 33rd Bauma 2022, the world's largest trade show for construction equipment. From October 24 to 28, more than 3,500 exhibitors will showcase their latest products and innovations in construction, building materials, and mining vehicles and equipment. Due to the uncertainty caused by the global new crown epidemic, the Exhibition was moved from the previous April to October. According to Munich Messe, the BMW Exhibition is held every three years, and in 2019 there were nearly 630,000 visitors from more than 200 countries.


As one of the representatives of Chinese exhibitors at Bauma Germany, ZTM has attracted great attention from the industry and associations. Chairman Luo Binfei discussed the current development situation at home and abroad, combined with the current status of enterprise operations and products, and gave an insight into the development trend of the industry in the next few years. It gave important guiding opinions, and held a special seminar with ZTM International Department and Technology Department, and made important arrangements for the key work of the exhibition, channel business negotiation, and customer attention.

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As a large-scale professional hoisting equipment, ZTM tower crane has been selling well at home and abroad for its extraordinary comprehensive performance and excellent top-fitting adaptability. ; Equipped with a power system and braking system with excellent performance, safe, efficient and energy saving, easy maintenance The quality of its products is well received by customers, which makes ZTM's popularity and reputation increase in the world!

ZTM tower crane will continue to exert its strength on the international stage, showing the world the unique charm of great power and the technological leadership of advanced technology, and showing ZTM's determination and style to enter the world!


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