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Home - News - ZTM Meets You At A1 523-1 In Bauma Germany

ZTM Meets You At A1 523-1 In Bauma Germany

September 16, 2022

Germany BAUMA exhibition is one of the three major construction machinery exhibitions in the world. It is as famous as the Las Vegas International Construction Machinery Exhibition in the United States and the French INTERMAT Exhibition. It is the world's largest construction machinery exhibition. Germany & Munich International Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery, Mining Machinery, Construction Vehicles and Equipment Expo is the world's largest and most influential professional exhibition for construction machinery, building materials machinery, and mining machinery industries. held in Munich. The expo integrates technology, commerce, information and technology cooperation. It is expected that the exhibition area will exceed 605,000 square meters and the number of visitors will exceed 620,000. The organizer of the exhibition invites mining technology/management/trade personnel from the country and Europe to participate. In addition to technical academic exchanges, the invited professional buyers guarantee the trade results of the exhibition.


Jiangxi Zhongtian Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (ZTM) sincerely invites friends from all walks of life to visit and experience the German BMW Exhibition!


ZTM's booth number is A1 523-1, we look forward to seeing you.