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ZTM Fiery Production in Action

October 8, 2022

October 1st ushered in China's National Day, a day of national celebration and a time for leisure and reunion. In ZTM's production workshop, machines roared and ran at full capacity. Many employees were sticking to their jobs and production lines, showing a bustling busy schedule.


"Don't stop production during the holidays, stick to the front line", ZTM workers silently practice the spirit of dedication with a conscientious attitude, use practical actions to ensure the orderly development of production work, and present the most simple and sincere way to present the motherland's prosperous birthday.

According to the relevant person in charge, due to the tight delivery time and heavy tasks, the company's workshop has started a 24-hour emergency work system. For the past few days, it has worked overtime to produce orders from various strategic partners. The production situation and production plan must be reported on a daily basis. And strictly promote it, going all out to ensure stable delivery. The advantages in efficiencies such as rapid product manufacturing and rapid response to customer needs have been fully reflected.


During this period, the company still strictly implements epidemic prevention and control management, implements prevention and control measures, and completes personnel registration, code verification, temperature measurement, and sterilization every day.