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ZTM Voluntary Blood Donation Special Event

June 10, 2022

On June 9th, ZTM Company and Yichun Central Blood Station organized a special event of "Blood Connected to Fight the Epidemic" a voluntary blood donation volunteer service. The employees signed up and participated actively, and explained the sincerity of ZTM people's selfless dedication with practical actions.

At 8:00 in the morning, the blood collection vehicle of the blood station in the center of Yichun slowly drove into the ZTM company. The volunteers lined up and completed the blood donation registration form, physical examination, laboratory test, blood drawing and other procedures in strict accordance with the blood donation procedures. ZTM's appearance has won unanimous praise from medical staff, including staff who have donated blood many times, and new partners who donate blood for the first time. When they saw the blood being slowly poured into the blood bag, they all said that donating blood for free is a kind deed that can convey their love. They felt very honored and proud to have such an opportunity to donate their love to help others.

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This voluntary blood donation session is specially held for ZTM employees, and only whole blood donation projects are carried out. The blood collection staff of Yichun Central Blood Station will arrange for blood collection personnel to carry relevant equipment and materials to ZTM for centralized blood collection.

Under the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, the amount of voluntary blood donation across the country has been greatly reduced, and the blood storage capacity of many blood stations has dropped significantly. In order to meet the clinical demand for blood, ZTM Company has taken the lead and launched a voluntary blood donation initiative for corporate employees in cooperation with the Yichun Central Blood Station. Contribute ZTM power to the blood bank in Yichun City.

Over the years, ZTM has always insisted on participating in public welfare undertakings and established a good corporate social image. During the COVID-19 epidemic, ZTM has made donations and materials many times, and its employees have also served on the front line of epidemic prevention volunteers many times. With their practical actions, ZTM has practiced ZTM's fine tradition of caring for life and being willing to contribute, and the company's obligatory responsibility to charge ahead. It has been fully affirmed and highly praised by the government and all sectors of society.