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Large PC Hoisting ACE Model: ZTT8041 Tower Crane

June 19, 2022

The project of the Hefei Smart Agriculture Innovation Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has ushered in the construction phase of the main body of the above-ground steel structure. The project has a total construction area of 95,000 square meters, 2 floors of underground garage, 5 floors above ground, and a building height of 23.2 meters.


This is a typical PC steel structure project in the field of housing construction. The steel structure is about 10,000 tons. According to the weight of the steel structure and the construction distance, the ZTM brand large PC hoisting ace model ZTT8041 is used.



Features of ZTT8041 tower crane:

Design link: less hidden dangers, no hidden dangers

Use link: less failure, strong intelligence

Manufacturing process: strong technology, high precision

Maintenance link: less human, unmanned

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Like the whole series of ZTM tower cranes, the design standard of ZTT8041 refers to the European FEM1.001 standard, with higher structural strength and more reasonable component force. The tenon chip mast section intelligent production line ensures dimensional accuracy, and the aperture is as clean as a mirror, making installation easier.