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ZTL546 Luffing Tower Crane 24t Capacity 60m Jib Length 2.4t Tip Load Hoisting Equipment

ZTL546 Luffing Tower Crane 24t Capacity 60m Jib Length 2.4t Tip Load Hoisting Equipment

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    Large Tower Crane 24t


    Large Tower Crane 2.4t


    60m construction building crane

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  • Max Boom Jib Length (radius)
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    Well Packed
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    10-60 Days

ZTL546 Luffing Tower Crane 24t Capacity 60m Jib Length 2.4t Tip Load Hoisting Equipment

ZTL546 24ton luffing crane

1.ZTL546 24ton luffing crane


● Max. Load (t):24

● Max. Jib Length(m):60

● Max.Jib -end Load (t):6.2

The luffing tower crane can give full play to the effective height of the boom, the structure is relatively simple, does not take up space, suitable for projects with a small construction area, and suitable for team work.


ZTL546 24ton luffing jib crane data






Free standing


Jib length


Required height


Tip load

 6.2tons (6.2T@60M JIB)

Max load

24 TON

Mast section size

2.27x2.29x6 m (ZH205 mast )


Hoisting mechanism

200LVF60L (150KW)

Slewing mechanism


Luffing mechanism




2.ZTL546 24ton luffing jib crane data






ZTL546 intelligent luffing crane

1. The frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted, the operation shock is small, the operation stability is improved, and the work efficiency is also improved.

2. Brand new variable frequency slewing system, instant response to start and stop, no jitter during the whole process, no swing when stopping.

3. The adopted thick and short type reel technology solves the problem that the wire rope arrangement of the lifting mechanism reel that has long troubled the tower crane industry is easy to be disordered.

3.ZTL546 intelligent luffing crane


ZTL546 heavy luffing tower crane feature

1) With the most competitive ex-factory price and excellent quality, it is suitable for various construction projects and can work under various working conditions.

2) The standard section hydraulic lifting connection is adopted, and the height of the crane can be determined according to the actual height of the building without affecting the lifting capacity.

3) Fast working speed, good speed regulation performance, stable operation and high efficiency.

4) Equipped with a full set of safety devices to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the equipment. The machine is equipped with lifting height limiter, trolley luffing limiter, torque limiter, weight limiter, rotation limiter, etc.

4.ZTL546 heavy luffing tower crane feature

5) The layout is scientific, the appearance is beautiful, the operation room is set independently on one side, and the field of vision is wide. Create a good working environment for operators


ZTM building lifting equipment

5.ZTM building lifting equipment


ZTM factory

6.ZTM factory






Tower Crane Export Project

7.Tower Crane Export Project