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Construction Passenger Hoist Sliding Contact Line Crane Electrical Parts

Construction Passenger Hoist Sliding Contact Line Crane Electrical Parts

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Construction Passenger Hoist Sliding Contact Line Crane Electrical Parts

specialized in all types 16/25/35 squared power Sliding Contact Line for replacing the cable in construction passenger hoist, please advise your passenger hoist specification, we can recommend a suitable sliding contact line.

1. Sliding Contact Line Description

Sliding contact line as a new type of conductive device for construction elevator, the surface of sliding contact line uses high-quality insulating material, embedded 5 transmission aluminum conductors as transmission mother line, configuration mobile flexible current collector, its structure is simple and compact, safe and reliable, save energy


The line itself is 3.016 meters long (about the same height as two standard sections), with fixed parts installed directly to the standard section, its birth, effectively solves the problem that has plagued customers for years for short device life, easy to be stolen, high wind weather easy to fracture and affect safety construction.

Sliding Contact Line Description


2. Trolley Line Features

(1)Not occupying the weight of Hoist: the Sliding Contact Line is fixed on the mast section, the weight will distribute to each mast section, which will not increase the cage load, but also reduce the energy consumption.

(2)Not affected by the bad weather: the Sliding Contact Line is fixed on the mast section. No matter how strong the wind blows, the Sliding Contact Line is still and does not affect the operation of the construction hoist.

(3)Don't worry about being stolen: the Sliding Contact Line was not valuable after dismantling.

(4)Easy to replace the damaged parts: the Sliding Contact Line is assembled by components, it's easy to replace the damaged parts in the spot, don't need to dismantle the whole piece of Sliding Contact Line.  

(5)Not roof-fall: the roof fall will have occurred on the condition of limited failure, when limited fail the current collector will run over the top of the Sliding Contact Line, it will power off automatically, then stop the running of the hoist.

(6)It can add the height of the Sliding Contact Line according to the progress of the project: the Sliding Contact Line with 3.016 meters long per piece, same to the height of two mast sections, it can be inserted piece by piece and added the height according to project progress.

(7)It can be recycled: the lifespan of the Sliding Contact Line will be 4-6 years, it can be used for a second time after one project will be finished. 

Trolley Line Features

3. Sliding Contact Line Installation Steps

Sliding Contact Line Installation Steps

4. 35mmSliding Contact Line Specification

Number Category Parameter
1 Rated current 165A
2 Rated voltage 380V
3 Single line specification 3016x75x60mm
4 Single line weight 10kg
5 Insulation resistance ≥0.5M Ω
6 Dielectric insulation strength Frequency AC3750V,1min no breakdown
flashing phenomenon
7 Enclosure rating IP10
8 Electrothermal stability 20 times rated 1s
9 Rated short-time withstand current and
constant peak withstand current
10 Environmental indicators
1. high-temperature test: common +55°C
2. low-temperature test -30°C
3. resistance to heat and humidity test
95% relative humidity.+25°C
4. the atmospheric pressure KPa
11 Flame retardant Self-extinguishing
12 Transmission line parameters
In accordance with GB3049
 (wire and cable conductors)standards
Resistivity≤0.028Ω mm²/(at +20°C)
13 Current collector Traction: F<80N;      Movement speed: V<100m/min
14 Coefficient of  brush
Coefficient of friction:0.2
Contact pressure drop:0.3-0.1V
Running 2000km.Wear<0.7mm
Brush effective wear:4-6mm
Effective working pressure:18-2.3N/cm²

5. Sliding Contact Line Spare Parts List

Sliding Contact Line Spare Parts List

6. Slide Wire Packaging and Shipping Slide Wire Packaging and Shipping

7. ZTM Passenger Hoist

ZTM Passenger Hoist

8. ZTM Construction Hoist Project

ZTM Construction Hoist Project

9. Why Choose ZTM?

We are a trading company and have our own factory. We have both the price advantage of the factory and the thoughtful service of the trading company; and the advantage of taking responsibility.

Our product quality assurance and warranty for one year, steel structure warranty for a lifetime and the price is cheap; We has 20 years of industry experience, so we are very professional.