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L68 Tower Crane Fixing Angle 1.6M Q345B

L68 Tower Crane Fixing Angle 1.6M Q345B

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    L68 Tower Crane Fixing Angle


    Tower Crane Fixing Angle 1.6M


    fixing angle tower crane Q345B

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L68 Tower Crane Fixing Angle 1.6M Q345B

Tower crane L68 fixing angle introduction

TYPE: 1.6M ,2.0M


Model: FO/23B, H3/36B, MC,MD,MR

TYPE: 1.6M ,Q345B , fit for 180mm*18mm angle steel mast

2.0M Q345B , fit for 200mm*20mm angle steel mast






L68 fixing angle






Tower crane L68 fixing leg

-In L200*20 plate of 600mm for 2m mast

-In L180*18 plate of 500mm for 1.6m mast

Position the fixing-angle /Mast assembly in the reinforcement and adjust it by wedging under the fixing angle support plates

Each set comprises four fixing angles

2.Tower crane L68 fixing leg


L68 1.6M fixing angle welding details

The critical materials that steel, welding material etc are all examed by chemical detection , then They are allowed into workshop for batch production.

Every parts of our products strictly conforms to the procedure requirements: mill ,plane, polish, press, test etc in turn.

3.L68 1.6M fixing angle welding details


Installation of tower crane fixing angle

The fixed positioning and installation of the fixed legs of the tower crane should be carried out under the guidance of relevant professionals.

Concrete pouring construction of the embedded foot column: hoist the assembled fixed leg and the embedded leg to fix the base section, and pour concrete; hang plumb lines on the center line of the two directions of the fixed base section of the embedded leg to ensure After embedding, the perpendicularity between the center line of the fixed section of the embedding leg and the horizontal plane is less than or equal to 1.5/1000.


When the embedded foot column is inserted into the foundation pit, it is not allowed to cut the steel bars or reduce the number of steel bars;

The concrete filling rate around the fixed legs must reach 95% or more.

Note: It is not advisable to use other construction methods for the concrete foundation pouring, otherwise, after the concrete strength reaches the standard, the embedded foot will be deviated and there will be no remedial measures.

4.Installation of tower crane fixing angle


ZTM Tower Crane Fixing Angel

Professional supply Potain tower crane foundation leg, mast section MD1.6M/2M MC1.6M/2M,L46A1,L68,L69 etc.

5.ZTM tower crane fixing leg


Packaging and shipping

6.Packaging and shipping