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Tower Crane Anti Collision System

Tower Crane Anti Collision System

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    Tower Crane Anti Collision System


    Crane Anti Collision System


    ZTM crane anti collision system

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Tower Crane Anti Collision System

Tower crane Anti-collision, Zone protection system

Short Description:

Make sure safety by managing interference between cranes and obstacle zones and proper loading. It displaying all the useful settings to show the crane working status. Easy for installation and reliability make it the multipurpose anti-collision system . This system is suitable for all types and brands of cranes in order to manage easily large construction sites.

Tower crane Anti-collision

Tower Crane Load moment indicator, Anti-collision&Zone Protection System


Detailed components:


2.Control Box

3.Trolley Limiter/ Angle Sensor

4.Height Limiter

5.Slewing Encoder


7.Load Cell

8.Data radio

9.Magnetic Long Distance Antenna




Tower crane Anti-Collision system

Tower Crane Anti Collision System 2

Tower Crane Anti Collision System 3


Installation of control box

Load moment indicator system control box

To be installed in operator’s cab, there are 4 open holes on base of control cabinet. The users can deal with the installation and fixation by themselves.

Working Temperature:


Working Humidity:

≤95% (25℃)

Power supply:

AC170~240v (Customized as requirement)

Working mode:


Overall error:



3.Installation of control box


Tower crane Anti-Collision system highlight

1.Visible 10 inch LCD touch screen display, show the most comprehensive working states of tower crane in operation.
2.Friendly man-machine interface; automatically generated the coordinates of Tower crane & Obstacle, and tower crane off-line protection (Optional)
3.Strict high and low temperature test, anti-fouling and anti-corrosion.
4.Higher integration greater precision data acquisition.
5.Stable, convenient, long service life of system;
6.Video manual, Easy for installation and calibration;

Working temperature

-20ºC ~ 60ºC

Working humidity


Power voltage


Working mode


Overall error


Repeatability error of load cell


Non-linear error of load cell



Anti collision system for tower crane


1.Real-time monitoring Tower crane working conditions prevent collision risk of each parts, ensure the stop within functional distance setting.
2.Up to 30 Tower cranes management by radio.
3.Automatically generated the coordinates of Tower crane.
4.Tower crane off-line protection (Optional)
The system operates in real time calculation of the distances between each crane parts and movement speed as well.
System will asthmatically control the equipped mechanism to completely stop the crane at a preset distance from certain obstacles



Zone protection
1.Minimum 3 points from one obstacle to indicate a protection zone.
2.Set and select activate/deactivate zones the override unit.
3.Automatically generate obstacle coordinates
4.Up to 10 zone around a tower crane
5.Independent function distance setting


Data record
1. Various data of Tower crane working status can be record constantly.
2. Able to generate as EXCEL file and download to USB drive
3. Online supervisor is available by add-on GRPS module.


Application of Anti-Collision system

6.Application of Anti-Collision system