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ZTT7026 Tower Crane Resists Typhoon Level 17, Super Stable!

January 14, 2022

ZTT7026 tower crane resists typhoon level 17, super stable!

With the leap-forward growth of the prefabricated building area, the tower crane with QTP250tm / 70m full boom has become one of the main tracks for PC tower cranes. From industrial plants to public buildings, from people's livelihood houses to urban complexes, whether in terms of safety, efficiency, performance, and intelligence, ZTM ZTT7026 tower crane shows its hard-core strength with the ultimate hoisting experience

ZTT7026 adopts L68 series mast section, the rated lifting moment is 250tm, the maximum lifting weight is standard 12ton, and the maximum lifting weight is 16t. It can meet the needs of the maximum single lifting weight of a medium-sized PC. There are 8 kinds of variable jib combinations from 35 meters to 70 meters, which can adapt to various Construction requirements for various PC conditions.

Stable! Resist typhoon level 17

Located on the west coast of Haikou, the Phase B project of Tiandi Phoenix City Phase III (Plot 1301) is a super high-rise steel structure building. The project aims to create a new city name card for Hainan Island. After completion, it will become the city center and new landmark of Haikou New City. Five ZTT7026 units will enter the site for construction one after another.

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Hainan is a high-frequency area where typhoons occur, and tower crane equipment is required to have extremely high typhoon protection capabilities.

Our ZTM tower cranes have excellent anti-typhoon performance. In 2014, Hainan's 17-level super typhoon "Wilmason", Guangdong's 14-level typhoon "Hato" in 2017, and Zhejiang's 16-level typhoon "Likima" in 2019……ZTM tower cranes have created a record of no damage

In fact, because ZTM is located in the middle of South China and East China, the coastal areas with frequent typhoons have always been an important service area for ZTM tower cranes. We pay special attention to the stability, wind resistance and weather resistance of tower cranes, and fully consider the design. When it comes to the impact of typhoons and safety margins, at the same time, the quality of equipment manufacturing is strictly controlled, and every weld and every detail is kept for the best. From the design and manufacturing process, ZTM's full series of tower cranes are endowed with excellent wind resistance.


At the same time, ZTM, as a participating unit and main drafter, actively participated in the Hainan Provincial Engineering Construction Local Standard DBJ 46-045-2017 "Hainan Provincial Construction Tower Crane Anti-typhoon Safety Technical Standard" issued by the Hainan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.