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Home - News - ZTT336B 16T Flattop Tower Crane Sent To Korea

ZTT336B 16T Flattop Tower Crane Sent To Korea

April 13, 2022

The ZTT336B 16T flat-top tower crane ordered by ZTM's tower crane agent in South Korea last month will be sent to Shenzhen port today, and then shipped to South Korea by sea.

In the first quarter of 2022, Korean customers have ordered 3 sets of ZTT336B(7527) 16ton flat-top tower cranes and 3 sets of ZTL5522 14ton luffing jib cranes. ZTM has been produced and shipped as planned.

ZTT336B(ZTT7527)is the main type of ZTM intelligent tower crane. It has a max load of 16t, a tip load of 2.7t, a jib radius of 75m, and an independent height of 60m. The standard mast section can be equipped with L68B1、L68B3 spliced mast section.

Due to the strict requirements of the Korean policy on tower cranes, ZTM continues to innovate and strive for perfection to create a stronger and safer intelligent tower crane that fully meets the requirements of the Korean market.