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ZTT186-10 Tower Crane coming up!

March 30, 2023

ZTT186-10 Tower Crane is a reliable, safe and cost-effective lifting builder from ZTT. It’s composed of the organ (machine body), arm (force control system), jib (slewing knot) and hoisting mechanism.
ZTT 186-10 Tower Crane adopts advanced technologies, ensuring its quality and reliable performance. Its steel structure is stable and solid, able to bear heavyweight and bad weather conditions. Its drive system adopts main motor and reducer, minimizing power loss and also greatly improving the efficiency of the work. The crane’s limit system ensures the smooth and precise movement of parts and its equipped overload protection system reliably protects them from damage. Additionally, its intelligent traction and slewing system enables the crane to be able to automatically adjust it’s speed and run reliably.
Apart from its high quality and reliable performance, the crane also offers excellent safety and cost performance. It has superior protection measures such as its emergency system, lifting limit system and lifting speed limit system, providing wind and downtime protection and efficiently avoiding abrupt accidents. Additionally, it adopts advanced communication device which enables the remote monitoring and long-distance control of the crane, increasing its safety as well as its efficiency. Furthermore, ZTT 186-10 Tower Crane has an excellent cost performance, offering an competitive price and excellent after-sales service.
Overall, ZTT 186-10 Tower Crane is an ideal choice for construction and building sites, providing reliable quality, excellent safety, superior cost performance and after-sales service.