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Home - News - ZTM won the 5G+Industrial Internet application demonstration factory

ZTM won the 5G+Industrial Internet application demonstration factory

December 16, 2021

On December 3, 2021, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of "5G+Industrial Internet" application pilot demonstration projects in Jiangxi Province 2021. (ZTM) Zhongtian Zhizhuang's intelligent tower manufacturing factory project based on 5G communication technology was successfully selected. And on the 13th, it was awarded in the Jiangxi Province Electronic Information Industry Digital Transformation Supply and Demand Matchmaking Meeting and "5G+Industrial Internet" Field Conference.

ZTM accelerates the transformation and upgrading to digitalization, networking, intellectualization, and greening, continuously promotes the high-quality development of the enterprise, and makes every effort to build intelligent manufacturing "5G+Industrial Internet" factory.

Using the technical advantages of 5G with low latency and large bandwidth, through the innovative integration of "5G+industrial Internet", key scenarios such as 5G+RGV, 5G+production line signage, 5G+welding robot, 5G+machine vision inspection, and other applications as well as production line data collection and remote control of 5G private network, realizing real-time production, production line process, and equipment operation status comprehensive monitoring and control of the production process. We can monitor the real-time production, production line process, equipment operation status and master the whole production process, which greatly improves the production efficiency and effectiveness. At the same time, it can show 360° panoramic production situation of the production line to overseas users to meet the needs of remote research and cloud visits of overseas customers under the epidemic situation.

Based on the full coverage of 5G network in the factory, ZTM focuses on building a private cloud platform, three centers (MES production command center, ERP data center, and automation measurement center), and plans to realize the full 5G connection of flexible working center of tower parts, intelligent production line of the tower, and fully networked production equipment, so that the whole manufacturing process can be interconnected efficiently, reduce production costs, improve product quality, and enhance enterprise competitiveness.