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ZTM Tower Crane Integrated Large Cab

April 22, 2022

See the heaven and earth between square inches, and there are universes in subtleties. Many friends left messages wanting to see ZTM all-weather integrated cab, today I will show you its style.


Tower crane cab body integration, classic luxury and beauty. One hundred and eighty degrees panoramic view, so you can look in all directions, overlooking the rivers and mountains. Multi-dimensional adjustment of the safety seatshock absorption and comfort to ensure driving feeling. The large space in the electrical control room allows you to relax and combine work and rest. Thoughtfully designed to create the most comfortable air cab on the market. The intelligent control system adopts the highest standard three-proof design: dustproof, waterproof and high-temperature proof. The overall protection level reaches IP56, which is the highest standard in the industry. The electrical components are kept running in a constant temperature environment, fully reaching the IDC level of protection in the data center.


Built-in integrated dual air conditioners to avoid the collision of external units caused by installation, disassembly and transition. The electrical control and driving environment is warm in winter and cool in summer. Heavy-duty connectors are placed in the cab, reducing the loss of components caused by the natural environment. Heavy-duty use has the same life as the tower crane, effectively improving the protection level of tower cranes. Maintenance personnel indoor operation, not afraid of wind, frost, rain, snow, cold and heat, can communicate efficiently with the tower crane operator, quick maintenance, ensure smooth operation of equipment around the clock.


ZTM tower crane, I make it with my heart, you can use it with confidence.