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ZTM Technicians Learn New Technology

December 1, 2021

From November 30th to December 2nd, 2021, ZTM and GUIDE Technology Co., Ltd. successfully held the second technical training. The training lasted for three days. 15 technicians were selected by ZTT to go to the GUIDE technical headquarters for training, focusing on learning GUIDE inverter and tower crane control system knowledge.


GUIDE Technology is committed to the research and application of key technologies in the frequency converter and construction machinery industry. It is one of the first-class manufacturers of electrical control systems and high and low-voltage power distribution equipment in China. It has always maintained a good cooperative relationship with ZTM. The training content involves frequency conversion. Basic knowledge and working principle of the inverter, inverter debugging, fault diagnosis and maintenance, integrated special machine, electronic control system troubleshooting and other knowledge, the combination of theoretical training and practical training, the training atmosphere is strong, and good training results have been achieved. Through the training, the trainees fully mastered the working principle, fault analysis and troubleshooting, maintenance and other knowledge of Gangdi inverter and tower crane control system, and further improved their working ability and technical level.


ZTM and GUIDE technology will further strengthen cooperation, support each other, go hand in hand, and are committed to providing customers with more advanced and safer tower cranes and better services!