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ZTM Pursues Technology And Innovation

December 15, 2021

ZTM has always adhered to the concept of independent innovation and development, and currently has a technology center and an intelligent tower crane engineering research center. ZTM Technology Research Institute has structure, intelligence, transmission, and technology, and has built various professional laboratories including intelligent laboratories, material testing laboratories, and complete machine testing centers. Participated in a number of national standards and industry and team standards in the field of tower cranes. In 2021, it obtained nearly 100 intellectual property rights including patents. It has undertaken and completed tower crane designs and schemes under many complex construction conditions, and has been recognized by the market and customers.

In the field of precision hoisting, especially in the field of medium and large PC component building hoisting, ZTM intelligent tower crane is known as the "prefabricated building hoisting expert" for its safety, intelligence and efficiency. For a long time, ZTM Zhizhuang has won many honors such as national high-tech enterprises, China's well-known trademarks, and government quality awards. This year, it won the honor of "2021 National Quality Benchmark" selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China and China Quality Association. In the tower crane industry, Zhongtian Zhizhuang has won the Top 5 Chinese Tower Crane Manufacturers for two consecutive years, and the 70th Anniversary Outstanding Product Award of New China issued by the China Construction Machinery Industry Association. It is also the only company in the industry to be awarded by the Machinery Management and Leasing Branch of the China Construction Industry Association. The host manufacturer awarded the "Intelligent Technology Innovation Award for Prefabricated Building Tower Crane".

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