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Zhongtian Tower Crane Continues To Achieve Many Breakthroughs in Korea!

December 30, 2021

South Korea has become an important part of Zhongtian's overseas high-end market. In recent years, Zhongtian flathead and boom tower cranes have participated in more and more Korean construction projects. From Seoul to Gwangju to Busan, from public buildings to large-scale factories to private housing, each ZTM tower crane interprets the power of China's smart manufacturing with high quality.

"We are very happy to cooperate with the higher standard ZTM. We have purchased a variety of mid-balance flat head and boom models. The first-class Korean builders we serve, such as Daewoo Construction, GS Construction, etc., are for equipment access and management. Very strict, the performance of the ZTM tower crane in the construction proves that its safety, quality and innovation are our ideal collaborators." said Lee, a partner of ZTM Korea.


The Korean construction industry has always been very strict in the access of tower cranes. Zhongtian tower cranes have continued to achieve many breakthroughs in the Korean market: from the earliest export of QTP125 flat-top tower cranes to QTP315 flat-top towers, from single flat-top tower exports to today's flat-top tower cranes The boom-shaped flower blooms with two fragrant flowers. In many projects, the Zhongtian flat head and the Zhongtian boom are operated at the same time, which complements each other.

Behind the continuous breakthroughs, Zhongtian has been deeply involved in the Korean market. It has established a good reputation with high quality and is deeply trusted by local customers. The advantages of the design concept of the intrinsic safety of the Zhongtian tower crane equipment, the integrated large cab, the intelligent hoisting control system, and the standard section inclined ladder technology are widely welcomed and recognized by Korean users.

With the rapid increase in domestic and foreign market demand, the production and sales of Zhongtian tower cranes are booming, making production extremely busy and tight. In order to ensure the quality and quantity of overseas orders are delivered on time, the International Trade Department, Production Department, Service Department and other departments regularly hold special deployment meetings to conduct resource allocation, production planning, progress follow-up, tower testing, logistics and transportation. Detailed arrangements. With the careful management and strict implementation of various departments, and the full cooperation of front-line workers, overseas products ensure timely and high-quality delivery.