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What is ZTT1360-65T

January 31, 2024

ZTT1360-65T is a super-large flat-top tower crane jointly developed by ZTM in conjunction with China's top tower crane technology research and development team Harbin Institute of Technology and Shenyang Jianzhu University according to the hoisting requirements of large-scale infrastructure, nuclear power, thermal power and other engineering construction.

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  • In terms of performance, the rated lifting moment of ZTT1360-65T is 1364tm, which is the largest in its class; the independent height is 86m, which has obvious advantages in typhoon areas; (it can still reach 80.3m after the typhoon season falls); the maximum suspension height is 61.6m, and the attachment frame spacing is 45.6 m, which greatly reduces the number of attached frames during construction; the option of 85-meter boom length combination is added to meet special construction needs; the maximum lifting capacity is 65 tons; the 80-meter boom length combination tip lifting capacity is 15.65 tons, which is the same level maximum.

  • In terms of structure, the ZTT1360-65T slewing superstructure is made of high-strength materials, with high strength and the lightest weight in its class, reducing the force on the tower body; the modular design of the jib frame improves the generalization rate of the structure and is made of integral welding tooling to ensure interchangeability The tower body adopts mortise and tenon pin shaft structure, and the inner cavity of the main limb adopts patented anti-corrosion technology, which has no risk of inner cavity corrosion and is durable; the mast sections can be disassembled for transportation, saving space, and convenient for transportation and storage.

  • In terms of configuration, ZTT1360-65T has a maximum lifting speed of 100m/min and higher construction efficiency; the lifting reducer adopts the international first-class brand Flender, so there is no worries about the future; the patented technology of double jacking self-balancing hydraulic jacking system is adopted, which is safe, Efficient, unique in the industry;

  • In terms of intelligent control, ZTT1360-65T starts with safety, controllability, and advancement, and integrates multiple active safety protection patent technologies and advanced intelligent control systems such as anti-sway, anti-hanging, and anti-overshooting. It is the first choice for large-scale project construction. Lifting weapon. The machine is equipped with an integrated large cab, dual air-conditioning configuration, and safe and comfortable electrical components adopt ABB and Siemens international brand electrical components, with stable performance and long service life; it is equipped with a mature and reliable ZTM independent research and development control system: ZPI tower crane intelligent control system, Integrates all ZTM tower crane intelligent control patented technologies to achieve safe, stable and efficient hoisting; ZTM cloud platform realizes functions such as remote diagnosis, upgrade, and remote wind indicator and records tower crane operation in real-time to improve maintenance and maintenance experience, Improve tower crane management efficiency.