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Tower crane wall attachment device

November 28, 2021

When the tower crane exceeds its independent height, a wall-attached device must be erected to increase the stability of the tower crane. The wall-attached device should be erected in accordance with the requirements of the tower crane manual. The distance between the attached walls and the free height above the attached wall point cannot be excessively long. The extra-long wall-attached supports should be separately designed and have calculation books to check the strength and stability. The attachment frame should be kept horizontal and fixed firmly on the same level as the attachment rods, and be firmly connected to the building. After attachment, the verticality of the tower body below the attachment point is not more than 2/1000, and the verticality above the attachment point is not more than 3/1000. The connection point with the building should be selected on the concrete column or concrete ring beam. Use embedded parts or wall bolts to effectively connect with the building structure. Some construction companies use expansion bolts instead of embedded parts, and use cable wind ropes instead of attached supports. These are very dangerous.