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Tower Crane Safety Management Training Camp

March 11, 2022

Recently, the ZTM technical service team went to Shandong, conducted in-depth discussions with ZTM's strategic partners - China Construction Eighth Bureau and Jinan Fourth Construction, and responded to the system equipment companies of China Construction Eighth Bureau Shandong Zhongcheng, China Construction Zhongli, China Construction Invited by materials and Jinan Fourth Construction Equipment Co., Ltd. to build a four-day tower crane safety management training camp.

In order to strengthen team building and enhance responsibility consciousness, this practical training camp revolves around the topics of tower crane selection, safety points of equipment installation and dismantling operation and case analysis of accident-prone, daily maintenance and inspection of tower cranes, maintenance and troubleshooting of ZTM electrical system, etc. The ZTM technical team carefully prepared the courseware, combined with the actual practice to explain and share systematically to the participating tower crane operators, equipment management and technical personnel, and organized everyone's questions to discuss and answer one by one, which not only laid a solid foundation for the next step of enterprise management but also gained valuable feedback and suggestions.