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Tower crane safety inspection

November 4, 2021

The tower crane must be inspected before and after installation and during daily use. The metal structure must not be cracked during welding, and the metal structure must not be plastically deformed. The quality of the connecting bolts and pins meet the requirements. In the measures of stopping and loosening, the connecting bolts must be pre-tightened by personnel on a regular basis. The steel wire rope must be well lubricated and maintained. The number of broken wires must not exceed the standard. , No broken strands, no plastic deformation, rope clamp joints conform to standards, reduction box and oil cylinders must not leak oil, hydraulic system pressure is normal, brake braking and limit insurance are sensitive and reliable, the transmission mechanism is well lubricated, and safety devices are complete and reliable. The electrical control circuit is well insulated. In particular, it is necessary to urge the tower crane driver, maintenance electrician and mechanical maintenance worker to conduct frequent inspections, focusing on inspections of vulnerable parts such as wire ropes, hooks, various transmission parts, and limit safety devices. Time, fixed measures, strictly prevent mechanical operation with diseases.