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Tower crane maintenance time, type and method

February 1, 2024

The working conditions of tower cranes are poor, the frequency of use is high, and the lifting load changes greatly. Due to the relatively inadequate operator training and certain illegal operations, the equipment failure rate is relatively high. Equipment failure will cause losses such as equipment failure maintenance and downtime costs, especially if large-scale projects are shut down, the loss will be huge.


Maintenance can increase the service life of the tower crane, reduce the number of repairs and the failure rate, and also improve the efficiency of the tower crane driver and the progress of the project. Regular inspection, adjustment, lubrication, tightening, cleaning and replenishment of tower cranes. It mainly includes daily maintenance, monthly inspection and maintenance and lubrication maintenance.


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1. Repair and maintenance of metal structural parts

  • Strictly implement the scrap standard of crane steel structure parts.

  • The main stress-bearing structural parts should be checked for metal fatigue strength, weld cracks, structural deformation, damage, etc., and the key welds of the main stressed structural parts and the base metal of the welding heat-affected zone should be checked. If the abnormality is found, should be processed. The inspection of structural parts shall be carried out according to the following procedures.

(1) Daily inspection: The tower crane should carry out a daily inspection every 80 hours of operation. When the tower crane driver is handing over the shift, he should check the fastening of the bolts of each connection part, and if they are loose, they should be tightened in time.


(2) When the tower crane makes abnormal noise, has misoperation, or finds that the tower crane safety protection device fails, it should be checked and recorded.


(3) When a project is completed and the tower crane is dismantled, it should be inspected in detail by engineering technicians and professional maintenance personnel, and records should be made.


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  • During transportation, try to prevent structural deformation and collision damage.

  • Spray paint once every six months to one year. The rust, oil and other dirt on the metal surface should be removed before painting.

2. Steel wire rope and its maintenance

During the use of the wire rope, the wire rope should be prevented from being looped, kinked, bent or stuck with debris, and to prevent friction with machinery or other debris.

After the tower crane is installed (before use), the steel wire rope should be lubricated and smeared with graphite grease. Afterward, the lubrication of the steel wire rope should be carried out according to the "Crane Lubrication Table".

The overall design of the tower crane does not allow the wire rope to have an indefinite life, and it should be scrapped in one of the following situations.


(8) Check the lubrication condition of each lubricating part and add grease in time.

(1) Wire rope 6×19-d (d refers to the diameter of wire rope) has more than 5 broken wires within 6d length and more than 10 broken wires within 30d length.


(2) Wire rope 6×37-d (d refers to the diameter of the wire rope) has more than 10 broken wires within the length of 6d and within 30d

The number of broken wires in the length exceeds 19.


(3) The steel wire ropes are close together, even if the number of broken wires does not exceed 5 within the 6d length, they should be scrapped.


(4) Although the wire rope is not broken, the wear of the wire rope reaches 40% of its diameter, or the wire rope is reduced by 7% or more relative to the nominal diameter, or the wire rope is obviously bent, etc.


(5) The wire rope loses its normal shape and produces deformities, such as waves, cage distortion, extrusion of strands, extrusion of steel wires, partial enlargement of rope diameter, kinks, partial reduction of rope diameter, partial squashing and bending.


(6) When the diameter of the steel wire rope is subjected to special thermal action, a recognizable color appears on the outside.


Note: When hoisting molten or hot metals, acid solutions, explosives, and inflammable, the number of broken wire ropes scrapped is halved.


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3. Maintenance and repair of mechanical parts


(1) Always keep all institutions clean, and clean all parts of dust in time;


(2) Check the oil amount of each reducer, if it is lower than the specified oil level, add oil in time;


(3) Check whether the vent plugs of each reducer can be freely exhausted. If they are blocked, they should be cleared in time;


(4) Check the efficiency of each brake, if it is not sensitive and reliable, it should be adjusted in time;


(5) Check the bolts at each connection, if they are loose or fall off, they should be tightened and supplemented in time;


(6) Check various safety devices, and adjust them in time if any malfunction is found;


(7) Check the wire ropes and pulleys of various parts, and deal with them in time if excessive wear is found;