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Tower crane exit mechanism

November 5, 2021

Some users excessively pursue profit and benefit, and do not pay attention to safety. Small horse-drawn carts and serious overloading are one of the main causes of the high incidence of tower crane accidents. In order to meet the requirements of construction companies, expand sales and occupy the market, some manufacturers increase the independent height and lengthen the boom to increase the coverage of the tower crane. This will inevitably reduce the stability of the tower crane, reduce the rated lifting weight, and increase the The factor of safety. There are also some privately modified tower cranes and private assembly tower cranes. This part of the tower cranes is relatively old, the second-hand purchase price is cheap, and they are unwilling to invest more in repairs, so they have frequent failures. These should arouse our attention. , We should seek truth from facts, adapt measures to local conditions, and on the basis of extensively soliciting opinions from all parties, we should issue relevant supporting policies to solve this problem.