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Safe operation of tower cranes

November 3, 2021

The key to tower crane management is the management of the driver. Operators must be in good health, understand mechanical structure and working principles, be familiar with mechanical principles and maintenance rules, and hold certificates. The driver must maintain the crane in accordance with the regulations, have a high sense of responsibility, and carefully clean, lubricate, tighten, adjust, and prevent corrosion. Do not work after drinking, do not work with illness or fatigue, and operate strictly in accordance with the tower crane machinery. Regulations and operation of tower cranes with “ten are not allowed, ten are not cranes” shall not be operated in violation of regulations or be barbaric, and shall have the right to refuse command in violation of regulations, and adequate lighting shall be provided for night operations. The key to the safe use of the tower crane lies in the technical level and sense of responsibility of the operators, and the key to inspection and maintenance lies in the mechanical and electrical maintenance workers. We must firmly establish a people-oriented thinking.