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Raimondi Dealer In Korea Import ZTM Tower Crane

February 10, 2022

Raimondi dealer in Korea ordered 30 units of ZTM tower cranes including ZTM luffing tower crane ZTL5522-14ton and flat-top tower crane ZTT336B-16ton recently. The Raimondi dealer also chooses ZTM because of the great performance of ZTM tower crane in the projects of their clients, and get good benefit from ZTM high quality and excellent service.

“We have been working with ZTM for years and our clients are very satisfied with ZTM tower crane. We have worked with the Raimondi tower crane before while the ZTM tower crane also reaches the highest quality standard. We are very pleased to work with the ZTM team and will keep cooperating with ZTM to develop the Korea market together.” Said James, the CEO of the Korea dealer.” the ZTL5522 and ZTT336B are very popular in our country. Our customers include big rental and construction companies, both praise ZTM tower crane as it is installed and dismantled very easily and the intelligent monitor and control system is super safe so our clients rest assured to use it. We are looking forward to buying more from ZTM this year”

Below are the pictures of ZTM tower cranes deployed in Korean projects.

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