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Mayor Of Yichun Came To ZTM For Investigation

April 11, 2022

On the morning of April 8, Mayor Yan Yun of Yichun City came to ZTT for investigation and research. Accompanied by Chairman Luo Binfei of ZTM Company, he visited the ZTM digital technology exhibition hall and tower machine intelligent manufacturing workshop. Chairman Luo made an in-depth report to Mayor Yan Yun on the innovation and application of ZTM in the digital economy.

In the ZTM digital technology exhibition hall, the mayor personally experienced the 5G+VR remote intelligent control tower crane launched by ZTM in the tower crane industry. The mayor fully affirmed this innovative smart product.


Mayor Yan Yun and his subordinates walked into the tower crane intelligent manufacturing workshop, visited the ZTM tower crane intelligent production line, and gave unanimous praise to ZTM's independent research and development technology and intelligent manufacturing. The mayor pointed out that ZTM is a key enterprise in Yichun and a well-known brand in the tower crane industry. It is necessary to make full use of advantageous resources such as scientific and technological innovation, continue to improve and realize the transformation of scientific research achievements, and strengthen the carrying capacity, adsorption and competitiveness of enterprises. With the support of the company, it will help enterprises to upgrade their industries and promote enterprises to become better and stronger.