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How to prevent wear of single beam crane

January 29, 2024

Due to the advantages of single-girder cranes with good performance and multiple options, they have been applied in many different industries, and they have brought very good results. But for single-beam cranes, there is also a common problem with machinery and equipment, that is, the wear and tear of parts, which will greatly affect the service life of single-beam cranes.

In order to extend the service life of single-girder cranes, the current effective way is to reduce the degree of wear of its accessories, but before that, it is necessary to find the cause of component wear. Then, according to the different causes of wear, targeted prevention is carried out. For example, for the wear caused by friction, it can be solved by adding lubricant and removing foreign particles from the friction part.

In addition, it is necessary to correctly handle the wear caused by corrosion. The correct way needs to start with changing its material. As far as possible, use materials that are not prone to chemical or electrochemical reactions and have more stable performance as crane parts, so that it will work better. The anti-wear effect.