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How to maintain the tower crane in winter

January 7, 2023

1. Anti-corrosion

Due to poor environmental protection, the composition of acid rain is constantly increasing, and the appearance of acid rain will also have adverse effects on tower cranes. There are three main aspects:

1. The paint film of the building structure will be partially damaged, and acid rain will cause serious corrosion to the metal. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface of the structural parts to protect the metal under the paint film from being corroded by acid rain.

3. After the diesel oil is cleaned, apply a layer of grease to it, so that the stability, water resistance and adhesion of the equipment are well improved. The grease used is mainly lithium-based grease and calcium-based grease. Advocate the use of sodium-based grease.


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2. Anti-fall tower crane

In addition to the low temperature in winter in the north, there is also a weather feature that there is a strong wind. When the wind is howling, even if the tower crane is not working, it will still have adverse effects on its stability. To prevent the tower crane from falling due to strong wind, it needs to be well maintained from three aspects.

1. The base of the tower crane needs to be reinforced more effectively. The bottom of the tower crane must be pressed with a weight block of sufficient weight and firmly fixed. The tower crane that can run along the guide rails needs to check the stability of the guide rails to keep an effective distance between the guide rails. Parallel to ensure that the two rails are on the same horizontal plane, the device used for the anchor point needs to have certain reliability.

3. The lifting trolley needs to be parked at the position where the boom is the smallest, and the hook should be at the position of the maximum lifting height.

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3. Electrical equipment protective cover

During the safety inspection of the tower crane, the protective cover of the electrical facilities on the upper part of the tower crane needs to be removed during the maintenance process. Due to too many production tasks or the impact of time, the electrical equipment and facilities are not repaired after repair. Install the protective cover back to its original position in time. Over time, the protective cover of electrical equipment will be lost, used for other purposes, etc., and eventually cannot be used. Inappropriate or no protective cover will have a certain impact on electrical equipment and facilities. At the same time, the stability of the tower crane will also be tested. If this situation cannot be solved in a timely and effective manner, many unexpected dangerous situations will occur in the normal work of the tower crane, such as tower collapse, arm folding, etc.

Whether it is a tower crane that has been used in a project under construction or after it has been officially shut down, it should immediately enter the maintenance work, and carry out effective maintenance through the special person in charge to carry out key maintenance and maintenance parts, responsibility system, distinguishing projects, work procedures, etc. sequential work. After the shutdown, it is necessary to formulate a regular inspection and maintenance system for the tower crane. During the long-term shutdown process, it needs to be inspected at least three times, and at the same time, do a good job of recording relevant aspects, and damage that occurs Repair it immediately. In special circumstances, it is necessary to carry out special maintenance and maintenance on the tower crane. For example, after snow or rain, the tower crane should be inspected in time for maintenance. For the construction team, there must be no shortage of tower crane equipment at the construction site. Therefore, effective maintenance of this equipment is an important part of the safe use of tower cranes. During the period of shutdown in winter, it is necessary to carry out a detailed analysis of the environment, temperature, humidity, and many other aspects of the tower crane, strengthen the maintenance work in related aspects, and ensure the safety, effectiveness, and service life of the equipment.

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