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Hexagon Warrior: ZTM ZTT7527 Tower Crane

January 6, 2022

If you want to define an excellent tower crane from the six attributes of safety, stability, intelligence, quality, efficiency, and reputation, the Zhongtian classic flat-top tower crane ZTT7527 with balanced capabilities and full core attributes can be called the standard Hexagon warrior


From the cross-sea bridge with the worst working conditions to the largest Sinopec project put into operation during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period

From various types of infrastructure to urban PC housing construction

The ZTT7527 tower crane has a strong combat power in many fields of construction, and it is a triumphant song along the way.


In January 2015, the ZTT7527 tower crane officially entered the market after completing the national type test and various enterprise tests.

Since 2016, ZTM has been based on the industry outlet for the transformation and upgrading of traditional buildings to PC buildings, focusing on prefabricated building hoisting, and has carried out comprehensive technical and configuration upgrades to the steel structure, mechanism and electrical system of ZTT7527. This has also become the current industry. The basic configuration of ZTT7527 Zhongtian intelligent tower crane:


Three specifications of maximum lifting 16/18/20ton

L68B3/L69B3 Inclined Ladder Piece Section

Full frequency conversion control of three major institutions

Electronic control/pilot integrated smart cabin

ZPI intelligent control system with 17 intelligent hoisting technologies

After that, the ZTM ZTT7527 has always been an explosive tower crane model with a double harvest in the industry and has also become a classic model of the ZTM QTP315 tower crane. Along the way, the ZTT7527 tower crane was selected as the "Most Influential Product" in the construction machinery industry by the "Construction Machinery" magazine, and was jointly awarded by the China Construction Machinery Industry Association User Working Committee and the National Construction Machinery Equipment User Committee as "National Customer Satisfaction product".


On November 30, 2021, China's first cross-sea high-speed rail-the newly built Fuzhou-Xiamen Railway, the Quanzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge will be fully completed! It marks that the construction of the newly built Fuxia Railway has entered the final sprint period.

The ZTT7527 tower crane was used in the construction of the main pier of the key project of the bridge. The final height of the main tower was 168 meters, which is equivalent to the height of a 50-storey building.