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Connection method of tower body joint of tower crane

February 1, 2024

Tower cranes have a high tower body and a long jib, which can provide a large construction range. Therefore, they are widely used in building construction and industrial lifting fields. The tower body is generally composed of many mast sections. In order to reliably connect the newly added mast section with the original tower body mast section, the mast sections should be connected. At present, the connection of the standard section mainly includes two ways of pin connection and bolt connection. In the process of connecting the mast sections of the tower crane, in addition to the joints matching each other, certain requirements should also be met, such as the connection method must be reliable, the operation must be simple, and the economic benefits are good. From the analysis of the domestic market, the bolt connection type has been widely used in small and medium tower cranes, and the pin shaft connection is mainly used in medium and large tower cranes. The two connection methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. This paper will discuss the design, technology, economy, use and other aspects of the common mast section connection joint structure, so as to provide reference and basis for the design and selection of tower body joints.


The mast section of the tower body is mainly composed of main chords, webs, connecting joints and tower passages. The main chord can be directly made of various rolled steels, or it can be welded from rolled steels or steel plates. Commonly used section steel includes angle steel, round tube, solid round steel, square tube, H-shaped steel, etc. In some cases, because the size or section characteristics of the section steel do not meet the design requirements, welding and splicing sections can also be used, such as welding square tubes, welding H-shaped steel, etc., which main leg section to use depends on the tower crane's lifting performance, supply conditions, economic benefits, and the planning and needs of developing a series of products.


The adjacent mast sections of the tower body are connected to each other through the joints on the main chord. Therefore, the section type of the main chord largely determines the reasonable structural type of joints that can be used. According to the different components of the mast section joints, common tower crane mast section joints can generally be divided into three connection methods: high-strength bolt connection, pin connection, and tile connection.